The Story of Maximum Bob

Many moons ago, in the rolling hills above the Kaw Valley, a band named Tower recorded in the studio of Dixie Unlimited. Elsewhere near the valley, other musicians were honing their musical style. They also recorded in the same studio.

As time passed, Tower ended their roaming of the hills and encountered the other musicians that had recorded in the same studio. A new band was born. Wheatland Central, a country-rock group, was formed with Joe Hopkins & John Jones from Tower and with Roger Jones & Jere Hanney from the studio.

After some activity, Joe and John moved on to other projects. Roger and Jere began to write and record orginal material under the name Maximum Bob. This was around 1987 – and the next year Joe found time to join in the Maximum Bob recording sessions.

The freedom to record original music brought joy to the musicians. They had acqquired enough technology to start multi-track sessions. Soon John became interested in the sessions, which soon enticed Joe & John’s Tower mate, Mike Turner, to join in the sessions. Maximum Bob has been recording original material ever since.

After years of recording in their small studio, Maximum Bob did some live performances in the late 1990s. Initially with John on guitar. Later Jack Hanney (Jere’s son) took over guitar duties. However, the band’s home was really in the studio. They continued to be known as “The Best Band Nobody Heard”.

Years later, after a long stint in the faraway land of the west coast, Dixie returned to the rolling hills and Maximum Bob’s newest studio, the Dogg House. Bringing his synth and sound experience back to those that had been maintaining the recording activities.

The sound, which runs the gamut from soulful ballads to pop rock to blues to sardonic social commentary, is based on each of the players having the opportunity to plug into any song what they are hearing in their heads.

Consequently, while the idea, chord structure and/or lyrics of any given song can be the work of one of the members, the final production is very much a group effort. This keeps the music fresh and appealing, even after decades of writing and recording. The creative works of Maximum Bob have produced a catalog of music that rivals some of the greatest bands.


A random selection from the recordings

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